Exposing The Worlds BeautyJohn Timme

John Timme has been capturing beautiful images throughout the United States for the past 40 years. While his degree from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California is in commercial photography, John’s love of beautiful scenery and his unique ability to capture it with his cameras has been his lifetime love and passion.

His early years as a photographer were spent with his 4X5 view camera and in the darkroom. This format enabled him to spend quality time with his subject matter and enjoy the true beauty of his surroundings. It also enabled him to produce photographs of the highest quality.

While he still loves the opportunity to use his trusty view camera, John has an appreciation and respect for his digital cameras. In his constant pursuit for perfection in his work, digital photography has enabled him to review and make adjustments on site and immediately.

John Timme’s love of photography comes from his appreciation of the wonders of nature and the diversity of the landscape across the US. He is honored to be able to capture some of those images to share with others, hoping it will inspire them to take a moment to stop and appreciate them along with him.

John has created this online venue to share his work and his knowledge of photography. Check out his blog to learn more about John and receive photography tips. His work is displayed in the online gallery. He offers high quality prints and digital downloads of his photographs. Sign up below to keep in touch with John and receive his latest updates.