About John Timme

John Timme is a professional photographer with over 40 years of experience. His passion is landscape photography. Nature is his escape from the stresses of everyday life. His mission is to use his work to improve lives – by donating his prints to charitable organizations, by sharing his knowledge of photography so that others can take their own amazing photos, and by helping you find your escape.

Antelope Canyon: breathtaking beauty, uplifting spiritual experience, and devastating history

I plan my shoots around the seasons, weather and time of day.  This way I can be in a location at the prime time - shooting fall colors at the peak of the season or photographing the mountains at sunset. But there are other factors that are beyond my control that can work for or against me - clouds, wind, storms. Tumbleweed, my favorite photo from

Rule of Thirds

When I was working on my degree in commercial photography, in the days before digital cameras and smart phones, a lot of planning went into each and every shot, as the resources such as film and darkroom supplies were limited and costly. Back then, no one could have imagined the ease and remarkable quality that virtually everyone has at their fingertips today to capture people,

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Hello, my name is John Timme

My name is John Timme and landscape photography is my passion. The beauty of nature allows me to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. My mission is to use my work to improve people's lives. I have created an online gallery with the hope that it will allow you to find your escape. I have been a photographer since the 1960s and have finally

Famous Photographers: Inspiring Generations & Creating Art

Photography is an art! It takes immense talent, an eye for detail, skill, and passion to emerge as a photographer known by his work. The field of photography has seen many changes and evolved over the years. The concept of photography remains the same, but the tools, the available resources, and the inspirations have made photography a recognizable form of art. From generation to generation,

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Admiration and Inspiration

A technical definition of fine art photography is an image that expresses the vision of the artist as photographer and articulates an impression, feeling or relationship with the world, with the intention of creating an aesthetic image. To contrast this, journalistic photography is about telling a story of true events and commercial photography is done to advertise products. In my opinion, fine art photography describes

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