About Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis is John’s daughter-in-law and she creates much of the online content you see on social media. She was previously a tax accountant and she finds this work MUCH more enjoyable! She fell in love with John’s work the first time she saw it and she supports his mission of using his work to improve lives. After struggling with depression, she discovered how nature helped her reduce stress in her life and relax. So after much contemplation, she quit her job and spends her time helping John share his work with others.

Emerging Research Proves the Need for a Connection with Nature

Improving your overall physical and psychological health could be as simple as going outside! We intuitively know that we benefit from being outside.  When I’m feeling stressed, I like to sit out in the backyard or take a walk.  After some time outside I feel relaxed and more positive.  When my son gets restless and starts misbehaving, I take him outside to play or take

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